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7 Best Essential Oils For Hair Growth You Need To Know

Updated: November 23, 2019

(This post contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure here)

essential oils for hair growth

(This post contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure here.)

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Is your hair damaged and frizzy? I have dealt with hair loss in the past, so I know how it sucks. Like other women out there, you could be attracted to blow dry and strong shampoos to give your hair a trendy tease to style, twist, and pull. However, these methods have harmful side effects on your hair as they deplete the natural oils which nourish your hair for healthy growth.

I know, it is the dream of every girl to have luscious hair. If you have been wondering how to stop hair loss, trigger hair growth, or just achieve healthy hair, then the seven essential oils which I have shared below are the perfect answer to your quest.

7 Best Essential Oils For Hair Growth

1. Lavender Essential Oil

This essential oil accelerates hair growth, and it is also useful in the increment of your hair follicles. Therefore, lavender oil should always come to mind whenever you think of promoting healthy hair using essential oils.

Topical application of lavender oil not only increases the number of your hair follicles but also enhances the thermal layer thickness and hair follicle depth.

Equally, this essential oil possesses antifungal and antibacterial properties which are vital in warding off any fungal and bacterial skin conditions. If you suffer from a dry or itchy scalp, you should try using lavender essential oil remedy which has the power to soften your skin and hair while soothing the scalp.

As you might already know, any negative emotions have the potential to encourage thinning of hair. Therefore, choose the lavender essential oil to promote healthier hair, and to benefit from its calming and soothing effect.

How to Use Lavender Essential Oil?

  • Take around ten lavenders essential oil drops (BUY FROM HERE) and mix them well with a carrier oil. Two coconut oil (BUY FROM HERE) tablespoons will suffice.
  • Massage the essential oil on your dry scalp.
  • Cover your hair well using your hair cap.
  • Allow the mixture to stay on the whole night.

Use lavender essential oil to relieve stress, promote restful sleep, and accelerate hair growth. Use this oil daily for six months for the best hair growth outcomes.

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essential oils for hair growth

2. Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot is another essential oil with appealing hair loss treatment abilities. The oil is the perfect solution to your excessive sebum and dandruff problems.

Bergamot essential oil is an extract from the Citrus Bergamia plant. The oil is famous for its multiple uses including anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and pH balancing properties. These features make bergamot essential oil important in the treatment of numerous medical complications.

The essential oil improves blood circulation around the scalp, and this has the impact of activating hair growth. With its moisturizing abilities, the oil gives your hair maximum luster and resilience. Its antibacterial properties ensure that your hair and scalp is free of any infectious germs.

How to Use Bergamot Essential Oil?

  • Place a few jojoba carrier oil (BUY FROM HERE) and bergamot essential oil  (BUY FROM HERE) drops on your palms and rub your hands together.
  • Massage your scalp and hair gently.
  • Wash off in the morning.
  • Alternatively, you may add bergamot essential oil drops to your after-shampoo conditioner to treat hair loss. 

Settle for this cheap alternative to achieve thick and luscious strands that will make you confident wherever you go. Use this oil two to three times weekly for improved hair growth.

3. Tea Tree Essential Oil

Did I mention to you that I dread hair fall, even the mere thought of it? When I was dealing with hair loss, my hair started falling, and I was scared to the core that I would end up baldhead. However, a friend gave me the tea tree oil tip to reverse hair fall.

Tea tree oil helped me to replenish the natural nutrients that I had lost to conventional hair products. The oil further helped to make supple my once dry scalp and unruly hair. All I did was to dilute the oil using my favorite carrier oil to treat hair fall.

Like most essential oils used for hair growth, tea tree oil can be combined with a carrier oil, or be used alone to accelerate hair growth. While this oil is known for its efficiency in the treatment of viral and bacterial infections, many people are yet to discover its hair growth potential.

This oil indirectly accelerates hair growth by unclogging the hair follicles thereby nourishing their roots. The oil also treats dandruff. A study published in the American Dermatology Academy Journal shows that the use of shampoo with a five-percent tea tree oil concentration significantly reduces dandruff if used for four weeks.

You don’t need to live with your hair loss nightmare, try tea tree essential oil today for healthy-looking hair.

How to Use Tea Tree Essential Oil?

  • Add a single tablespoon of coconut carrier oil (BUY FROM HERE) to 10 tea tree essential oil drops (BUY FROM HERE) into a bowl.
  • Mix the contents well.
  • Massage this essential oil mixture into your hair and scalp, especially on the itchy and dry regions.
  • Leave the oil on your scalp for half an hour.
  • Rinse off and shampoo as usual.
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For optimal hair growth outcomes, repeat this procedure once a week. However, you can start using the oil three times per week after the first month of zero instances of the skin reacting to the oil.

4. Thyme Essential Oil

This essential oil is a Thymus vulgaris extract. This plant contains the thymol compound from which thyme obtains its spicy, pungent smell and therapeutic value. In particular, thymol carries the oil’s ability to improve blood circulation around the scalp.

By triggering blood circulation in the scalp, thyme essential oil makes it easy for your hair follicles to access vital nutrients which encourage hair growth.

The potent antiseptic properties of this essential oil make it my favorite when it comes to fighting any fungal, bacterial, or viral scalp infections which might trigger hair loss and subsequent impairment of hair growth.

Ever wonder why most hair products contain thyme? Well, now you understand that thyme can improve hair growth, rejuvenate hair follicles, fight off dandruff, prevent hair loss, and strengthen your hair shafts.

How to Use Thyme Essential Oil?

  • To prepare your hair growth oil, mix five thyme oil drops (BUY FROM HERE) with two lavender oil drops (BUY FROM HERE).
  • You may add a few olive carrier oil drops.
  • Mix the oils and massage the mixture into your scalp.
  • Allow the mixture stay on the scalp for a minimum period of fifteen minutes and rinse off the oil.
  • Shampoo your hair.

Use thyme essential daily, and you will realize significant improvement in dandruff treatment and hair growth. If you combine it with avocado oil for a hot oil treatment, then use it once per week.

essential oils for hair growth

5. Avocado Essential Oil

There comes a time when your hair seems to take other essential oils for granted, and their hair growth or hair loss prevention impacts become unnoticeable. Maybe, it is time to give your hair a different touch. Try avocado oil for healthy hair.

This oil has sufficient mono-unsaturated fats which are vital for healthy and strong hair. The fats also unclog blocked follicles, thicken the hair, and nourish the hair cuticles. Besides, the oil contains vital omega-3 fatty acids which accelerate hair growth. These acids are responsible for shiny and long hair.

The oil’s absorbent capacity which enables it to get into the hair shafts to intensify hair nourishment and subsequent growth. It also is essential in treating dryness and itchiness for shiny and healthy hair.

How to Use Avocado Essential Oil

  • Prepare a hair mask by mixing three tablespoons of avocado oil (BUY FROM HERE) with one tablespoon of olive carrier oil (BUY FROM HERE) and honey (BUY FROM HERE).
  • Apply a mask of the mixture from the tip to the root of your hair.
  • Leave the mask on until it starts drying out.
  • Rinse the mask off.
  • Shampoo as normal.

This mask has excellent hair growth and hair loss prevention for hair that is destroyed by overtreatment using conventional products. Use this remedy daily for a minimum of one month, or four times each week for a hot avocado oil mask.

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6. Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood is a top essential oil for hair growth recommendation. Damage caused to hair shafts and follicles triggers hair loss and reduced hair growth. Cedarwood essential oil fights the weakening of your hair follicles as a result of poor circulation in the scalp. Settle for this oil for increased blood flow in the scalp. Increased circulation further has the effect of strengthening the hair, hastening hair growth, and fighting fungi which trigger hair loss.

Cedarwood essential oil carries anti-pesticide properties. This quality makes the oil a potential treatment for fungi which could be triggering hair loss. Through the oil’s ability to promote stronger hair and follicles, the oil is vital in preventing future hair fall, thereby resulting in longer hair. Enjoy the oil’s fragrance while benefitting from its control of sebum production to avoid clogging of your hair follicles.

How to Use Cedarwood Essential Oil

  • Collect your preferable essential oil(s) to use with cedarwood oil (BUY FROM HERE) . Rosemary (BUY FROM HERE) , lavender (BUY FROM HERE) , or thyme (BUY FROM HERE) can make an effective combination.
  • Mix the oils well.
  • Massage the oil mixture into the scalp and hair.
  • Allow the mixture to sit for a maximum of two minutes.
  • Wash off using your shampoo.
  • Wrap your scalp in a damp, warm towel for twenty minutes.

Repeat this process daily for optimal hair growth.

essential oils for hair growth

7. Rosemary Essential Oil

I understand your desire for lush and healthy hair. Thus, I recommend Rosemary essential oil to get rid of hair loss and thinning. Rosemary treats alopecia through resolving the underlying hair loss cause as opposed to fighting hair loss symptom itself.

Studies reveal that Rosemary essential oil achieves similar hair growth effects as minoxidil – a conventional hair growth booster. Rosemary essential oil, however, is applauded for its fewer side effects when compared to minoxidil. This makes Rosemary a safer hair growth option.

Note: Rosemary essential oil is not friendly to sensitive skin. However, this problem can be resolved by using the oil with a carrier oil.

How to Use Rosemary Essential Oil

  • Mix a tablespoon of your olive carrier oil (BUY FROM HERE) with four Rosemary essential oil drops (BUY FROM HERE).
  • Rub the oil mixture into your scalp.
  • Rinse off after thirty minutes.

Massage this mixture on a daily basis for the best hair growth results.


It is possible to get your once luscious hair back. The above essential oils work differently to promote hair growth. Whether it is avocado, thyme, bergamot, lavender, or tea tree oil, all these essential oils are rich in nutrients and properties which help in preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth.

Therefore, even if you are experiencing hair fall, or you have fungal and bacterial infections which result in a dry and itchy scalp, you still can achieve lustrous and healthy hair whose length and thickness you can be proud of. Try out these essential oils for fast hair growth.

Do you suffer from hair problems? Do you want to learn how to take care of your hairs using Essential oils but not sure where to start? Then click here to get started!

essential oils for hair growth

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    November 7, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    Thank you very much for this information. What would you recommend for my husband who’s hair is starting to thin and fall out? Also under Thyme EO you wrote this “To prepare your hair growth oil, mix five thyme oil drops with two thyme oil drops”. I’m confused isn’t that 7 drops of thyme oil or was it supposed to be something else? Thank you in advance,

    • Reply
      November 15, 2017 at 4:24 pm

      Hi Lois,
      Thanks for pointing out the typo error. I have fixed it. (correction – 5 drops of thyme oil with 2 drops of lavender oil).
      You can use any remedy from this post which helps in hair fall.

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    M6 hair have gery hair …How can I stop gery hair .
    Thank youh

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      November 15, 2017 at 4:13 pm

      Hi Lamya,
      You can try warm gooseberry oil treatment to get rid of grey hairs. Soon I will be writing a detailed post on this. Will notify you once its ready.

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    Earlier I thought that rosemary is the only essential oil for hair growth… great post
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    Hair and it Became very thin suena a teen and her selfsteam os ver los how can i Hello her

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    Mehar Parveen
    February 13, 2018 at 6:40 am

    I am started using rose mary oil with jajoba and castor oil is it ok should I use overnight or half an hour before shampoo i am using for hair loss

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      March 15, 2018 at 3:40 pm

      Hi Mehar,
      You should use this overnight.

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    March 6, 2018 at 11:38 am

    please where can I buy all this oil form?

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      March 15, 2018 at 4:24 pm

      Hi Oyin,
      You can buy them online through Amazon or any organic store.

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      Hey Oyin,
      I have updated the post with links to buy from. Hope this helps.

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    June 5, 2018 at 9:13 am

    Hi Mamta,

    My daughter is 5 turning 6 soon. She has very thin, fine, dry hair. I have always used olive and almond oil to sooth and nourish her scalp. Her hair breaks easily. It’s very brittle. Kindly advise.

    • Reply
      July 4, 2018 at 11:26 am

      Hi Pelicia,
      Olive oil and almond oil mixture if great for kids. Adding few drops of lavender oil will surely her hairs.

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    Esther Davies
    February 9, 2019 at 4:21 am

    My name is Esther Davies. Can I use Rice water as a mist spray on my scalp

    • Reply
      February 11, 2019 at 5:45 am

      Hi Esther,
      If you leave rice water outside for more than 18 hours, it starts fermentation and undergoes bacterial growth. The same would happen when you leave it on hair, but because it is dried, it goes through the process rather slowly.

      If you live in temperate climates or in humid weathers, or when you sweat, do physical work, exercise, the rice water mixes with bodily fluids and may encourage the growth of bacteria on the scalp.

      I won’t recommend using rice water on the scalp for more than 15-18 hours and should be washed with shampoo after the application.


  • Reply
    Gabriella Brooks
    August 9, 2019 at 6:09 am

    I make use of avocado, Shea butter, olive oil, castor oil mask monthly. I also rinse my hair with rice water. Thank you for sharing superb information. Your site is very cool. I am impressed by the details that you’ve on this website.

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