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A Powerful Baking Soda Scrub For Your Every Skin Flaws

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Baking soda scrub is an enemy for all the microbes and dirt that make our skin rough, irritated, dark etc. It’s the perfect ingredient for skin and I personally include in my healthy skin regime and it works well on my skin. Baking soda scrub is one of my favorite scrub except for honey and sugar scrub. It is the cure for all skin imperfections like acne, dark spots or patches, dullness etc as it has the potential power to treat skin as well as hair problems too. You can also add it to your skincare routine as its the cheapest ingredient in your pantry that will satisfy your target issues. 

What do beauty experts or dermatologists say about baking soda scrub?

Dr. David E. Bank, the director of the Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery. He said, “Baking soda we love in dermatology — it’s anti-inflammatory, it’s antibacterial.”(Source)

According to Dr. Doris Day, a New York Dermatologist, “For the most part, I prefer drug store or department store or cosmeceutical products from your dermatologist because they’re actually tested on the skin and they go through certain quality control measures”. He said, “But in a pinch, there are things you can use at home. You just have to pick carefully and learn a little bit from the past. People have been using substances like olive oil, yogurt, vinegar, honey and aloe for skin care for ages, and now there are scientific studies that explain why they work. Salt and sugar are excellent exfoliants”. He also explained that “Baking soda, as well, can be used as a fine-grained exfoliant, and may have antiseptic and brightening qualities as well”. It’s simple to add salt, sugar or baking soda to any cleanser you already have and make it a scrub. (Source)

Scott-Vincent Borba is a Hollywood beauty expert, and the author of three best-sellers Makeup for Dummies, Skintervention and Cooking Your Way to Gorgeous. He Said, baking soda is a very simple, money saving and effective face wash as you will feel the difference of this all natural exfoliating treatment after just one day. (Source)

Baking Soda Scrub

How baking soda scrub is an effective remedy for all skin flaws.

Baking soda scrub is a mixture of coconut oil, tea tree oil, lemon oil and of course, baking soda. Let’s take a look at the benefits of these ingredients:

Baking Soda

  • Baking soda has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which kill the microbes causing acne or pimples, razor bumps and reduces the inflammation of acne.
  • It draws out the excess oil from the skin by unclogging skin pores and maintains the optimum skin’s pH which prevents the sudden breakout and gives a healthy glow to the skin.
  • It is a good exfoliator as it has tiny granules which deep cleanse the hair follicle and removes the dirt and dead skin cells. 
  • It is a perfect remedy for removing dark spots, blackheads and acne scars due to its deep pore cleansing properties and give a way to regenerate new skin cells.

Coconut Oil

  • The lauric acid in the coconut oil that acts as the antibacterial agent which treats acne, razor bumps boils etc.
  • It exfoliates the dead skin cells when mixed with baking soda and becomes an excellent scrub. Blocked pores are the main reason for ingrown hairs or razor bumps, it calms and soothes razor burns.
  • Due to saturated fats, it melts on the skin when it is being applied and it easily seeps into the skin pores, moisturizing deeply.
  • It preserves the smoothness of the skin by keeping it wrinkle-free.

Lemon Oil

Tea Tree Oil

  • Antibacterial and antiviral properties which kill bacteria and virus causing pimples, rash, ingrown razor bumps etc. It is also effective on hair and scalp too.
  • Anti-microbial and antiseptic properties kill harmful microbes and protect open pores and ingrown hairs from getting infected.
  • Fungicide property inhibits and treats fungal growth and reduces the inflammation of red razor bumps. 

Indeed, Josh Peterson of The Discovery Network’s Planet Green writes: ‘Baking soda makes a top-notch exfoliation. Why? Baking soda is coarse, but not too coarse. It’s the best amount of coarse for removing the top layer of dead skin cells, and if applied correctly, it won’t cause your sensitive facial skin to become red and irritated.’ He recommends mixing a teaspoon of the powder to a facial cleanser and massaging the concoction into the skin. This should be repeated two to three times a week. (Source)

Now go ahead and try this awesome baking soda scrub and do let me know about your experiences in the comment below. I would more than love to hear them.

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 Procedure For Baking soda scrub

A Powerful Baking Soda Scrub For Your Every Skin Flaws
Prep time
Total time
Baking soda scrub is an enemy of microbes and dirt that make our skin rough, irritated, & dark. It treats acne, razor bumps, blackheads, and hydrates skin.
Recipe type: DIY
Cuisine: Face And Body Scrub, Beauty
How To Make
  1. Take a bowl and combine all the ingredients and mix well.
  2. Store it in an airtight glass container for future use.
  3. You can keep this scrub for a couple of months but do not let water to go inside the container as it can spoil the mixture.
  4. There is no need to store it in a refrigerator as this will harden the coconut oil. It's better to keep the container at normal room temperature.
How To Apply
  1. First, wash your skin with soap or body wash and rinse it well.
  2. If possible have a hot water bath or shower. Hot water will open up your pores, making your skin much more susceptible to cleaning.
  3. Apply a sufficient amount of scrub to wet skin over your entire body, massaging in a circular motion for 5-10 minutes to allow the granules to remove dead skin cells.
  4. Finally, rinse it off well.
1. Causes of ingrown hairs can be having naturally coarse or curly hair, wearing clothing that is too tight, tugging at the skin with the razor, shaving or waxing in the wrong direction and not exfoliating regularly after hair removal. Make sure you’re using a clean, sharp razor (a new one if it’s disposable), shave in the direction of the hair growth, and do not pull the skin tight to try to get a closer shave (yep, this can cause ingrown hairs).

2. Be sure to do a patch test to make sure your skin does not have an adverse reaction to the oils. The inner forearm is a great place to do a test since the skin is delicate, similar to facial skin.

3. Additionally, pregnant women, infants, and young children should avoid certain essential oils. so be sure to do your homework beforehand.

4. Keep the glass container away from light.

Baking Soda Scrub

93 thoughts on “A Powerful Baking Soda Scrub For Your Every Skin Flaws

  1. I am very interested in trying this, I even have all the ingredients already. I didn’t notice directions though. Did I miss something?


    1. Hi Jill, Thanks for dropping by. I have updated the post with the directions. Thanks for bringing this up. Please try this and let me know how was your experience. I am always thrilled to listen to them.

  2. Hi! Since I started to work in a place with so much dirt in the air blackheads show up, and this scrub looks really soft for my sensitive skin, but how many times in a week should I apply this scrub? Btw, thanks for sharing! (Ps, sorry if I have any misspelling, English is not my main language c: )

    1. Hi Brenda, If you have blackheads on nose then you should use this scrub every alternate days. If its on cheeks then you should use it 2 times in a week as over usage on cheeks can make them rough. Btw, your english is great. 🙂

    1. Hi Emily, you can store this scrub in an airtight glass container for about 10-12 days. But make sure it should be kept away from direct sunlight as it is made up with essential oils too and also do not let water to go inside the container. Thanks.

  3. I used this scrub every week and it works for me. It will also remove dark spots from lips due to hyperpigmentation. It also aids in lightening the dark areas of your chin and mouth. It is a good product for makeup removal. Please remember to use a good moisturizer or finish with coconut oil, goodnight!!!!

  4. Is the coconut oil fractionated or solid? I mixed a face scrub up using 1/2 fractionated oil and baking soda added carrot seed and frankensce oil. I use every day.

    1. Hi Janet, you should use solid coconut oil. Also, try not to use this scrub every day on your face as baking soda can be too harsh for your skin if applied daily.

  5. I used this tonight and it BURNED!!! My face is as bright as a full day in the 90 degree heat without sunscreen. I washed it off after a minute of use with soap and water and applied coconut oil hoping to stop the burning. Hopefully my face is not a giant blister tomorrow.

    1. Hi Megan, sorry to hear that. Do you have open pores on the skin or have a sensitive skin? Baking soda does have a tendency to give a tingling sensation on acne prone skin because of large open pores.
      I always suggest doing a patch test before applying it on the face as everyone’s skin have a different reaction to the scrub.
      Please let me know how did this worked out for you.

    2. Also, make sure your face is already cleansed before using this scrub…otherwise you are grinding dirt and oils back into your skin and that can cause irritation.

  6. I can’t wait to try this recipe! Thanks for sharing! I do have one question. Do you use the compressed coconut oil or the liquid? Most facial soap/scrub recipes I’ve tried use the compressed. Thank you!

  7. I would like to know if I can use lemon juice instead of lemon oil? don’t have this available but really wanted to try.

    Awaiting for your response 🙂

    1. Hi Kristinaq, you can use lemon juice instead of oil but the shelf life of scrub will be reduced because of the water present in lemon juice. Make sure that you use the scrub within 7 days of making and also store it in a fridge.

  8. What would be a good substitute if you are allergic to coconut oil.
    Also allergic to peanuts nut, soy, and tree nuts.

    1. Hi Jenn, as you are allergic to coconut oil, I would recommend you to use olive oil. Oilve oil is great for skin as it provides nourishment to your skin.

    1. Hi, Shanaz, baking soda scrub is good for removing dark spots, use it regularly you will see the difference. In addition, you can apply pomegranate seed oil daily at night as a moisturizer which is good for wrinkles, skin hydration and helps to remove dark spots too.

  9. Hi thank you so much for this recipe! I am going to try it TODAY! I have the most awful acne and I’m a 33 year oldADULT!☹ like, what gives!
    I get acne soo bad even below my ears, neck, chin, back and breast area. I make it worse because I am a picker.
    My self-confidence is shot and my anxiety is worse as well my mental health has taken a hit because of ACNE! UUGGHH
    I just pray this helps. I’ve tried alot of store bought acne washes and creams.

    1. Hi Maria, I am sad to hear your problems. I think this scrub will work for you. Do give it a try and let us know the progress. Also, you should check with a dermatologist if the issue becomes severe.

  10. Oh my word I completely forgot to include my question.
    Can I add Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar to It? Also if it’s kept in a darkish place like in my bathroom mirror can it store for a month?

    1. Hi Marie, yes you can use Braggs organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Yes, you can store it for a month, but I would recommend you to mix apple cider vinegar whenever you want to use the scrub.

  11. Hi, what brands of coconut, tea tree, and lemon oil would you recommend for making this scrub? And also, pomegranate seed oil? Thank you!!

    1. Hi Jane,
      I have added the links to buy ingredients from under the ingredients list in the post. Please have a look. The links are from .(They are affiliate links, I get a small commission when you buy using my link, however, the price remains the same for you. Thanks for your support)

      Thank You!

  12. What’s the best way to rinse this off? I just started tonight and found myself not really knowing what to do. I wiped most of it with a washcloth and rinsed the rest, but won’t the oil be bad for the drain?

    1. Hi Danielle, To avoid damaging your skin, make sure your body is thoroughly wet and softened with warm water – overly hot water can dry your skin. Apply scrub with hands. Cover your body with an adequate amount of body scrub, and using circular motions, massage it into your skin. Rinse off with normal water and follow up with a moisturizing body lotion afterwards.
      When you use coconut oil scrub or any DIY in your bath or shower, Just run hot water down your drain for 30 seconds to help flush it down while it’s melted.

      1. I mixed baking soda and coconut oil in the ratio 1:1. The pasty baking soda settles at the bottom of the container and a thin layer of oil floats around. Should i stir and use the mixture everytime? I use a tiny quantity and despite the warm water rinse, my face has a thin film of oil. Can I rinse it off using mild cleanser? Or mild soap wash is a NO with baking soda exfoliation?

        1. Hi Kannagi,
          You will have to stir the mixture every time you use it.
          If you want you can use a mild cleanser but I would advise you to wipe your face with a damp cotton cloth. This will remove the thin film of oil from your face.

  13. The last couple of years I suffer from chronic itchy skin all over my body. Looking for a solution to this. I react badly to tea tree oil too. Ideas?

  14. Thank you Mamta! I used this for the first time and my face feels great! I put coconut oil on after, for moisturizer. I’ll be using this a lot, since I’m in the construction business.

  15. I made this tonight, I only had liquid coconut oil, but it really needed the solid. I am a big fan of Grapefruit Seed extract so I added 5 drops. The mixture felt great on my skin but dried up in a couple minutes. That is why I need to use solid coconut oil. I loved how made my skin feel afterward. I scrubbed a little to hard on the ball of my cheeks , so I will lighten up next time. Only concern I had was that the tea tree oil fumes started burning my eyes. I will decrease to 5 drops next batch. I’m going to make this for my friends for Christmas, thanks! Please adjust ingredients to indicate solid coconut oil.

    1. Hi Deborah,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with us. You can use solid coconut oil in place of liquid if you want. You can also use liquid coconut oil but in larger proportions, if your skin absorbs it quite easily.
      You can decrease the amount of tea tree oil as your skin is sensitive to tea tree oil.

  16. I LOVE this!! Can’t believe how soft my face feels after using it, no need for me to use any cream, just a few drops of rose hip oil, and it still feels amazingly soft the next day! I like to hold a hot face cloth over my face first to open up the pores before applying the scrub (I of course take my make up first!). I try to use it at least twice a week.

  17. Hi, i have made this as christmas prrsants for my friends, i made a batch earlier to test on myself and i just love how it makes my skin feel clean, softened and slightly tighter than it has in years. To make enough i first had to triple the recipe then double it to get a small jar full, but it’s worth all the effort. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us all 🙂

    1. Hi Maria,
      Both are different oils, but if you want to use lemongrass instead of lemon oil, then its fine. It is good for skin as well.

  18. I’m 63 and have some dark spots on my face from the sun. Can’t wait to try this. Can you use this with an exfoliator brush ( the kind that uses batteries) ?

  19. I just have to say this is the best find ever! I substituted the lemon oil for olive oil. Within two days of using this face scrub, my black heads are gone! Acne is clearing up & my complexion is amazing! My skin feels so soft. I am just over the moon with these results.
    Thankyou SO much for sharing

  20. Can I omit the oils all together? I need to exfoliate soon but don’t have the oils yet. I have lavender, eucalyptus, and camomile.

  21. I would recommend waiting a little bit after you’ve washed your face before using this scrub, or use it in the morning when you first get into the shower. I put lemon essential oil on my blackhead-prone areas and it BURNS (but it works for me, so I suffer through it). Putting it onto open pores (freshly washed or steamed) will *probably cause some burning. So try what I suggested or at least definitely do a patch test to see if you can handle it.
    But the scrub does work.
    Also, citrus essential oils can cause some people to get sunburned really easily, so be wary of going out in the sun or or laying in the tanning bed after you use them.

  22. Hi,
    I can’t wait to try this recipe! I have acne on my forehead and cheeks, and dark spots under my eyes and around my mouth. I really hope this scrub helps to clear my skin. Thank you for sharing Mamta!

  23. Hi Mamta

    I have this dark “ring” around my neck, will this scrub help me get rid of it? Its a real bummer. Especially in summer.

  24. Hi,
    I have acne on my back, was thinking of trying it. How should I go about using it on my back? How often should o use it as the skin is different? And I don’t have tea tree oil, just have the lemon oil. Would that be sufficient?

    1. Hi Kerianne, Tea tree essential oil is recommended for treating acne.
      You can apply this recipe through using a spray bottle. Take warm(not hot) water and mix 2 tbsp baking soda, 1/2 tbsp coconut oil, 3 drops of tea tree oil and 3 drops of lemon oil in a 4oz. glass spray bottle. Spay the mixture on your back and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Wipe the mixture with a wet cotton cloth and apply an oil-free moisturizer. Repeat 2-3 times a week. Always shake before using it.

  25. Hi, I have pigmentation on my cheeks and hate having to cover up with make up. What can i do. please help

  26. Can a tsp or so of raw honey be added to this mixture? Wondering if the healing properties of honey would be a nice addition, without adding the ‘water’ moisture to the scrub.
    I’ll be trying this very soon…thanks for posting such a simple natural recipe!

    1. Hi Ann,
      You can not replace lemon oil with olive oil. Lemon oil is essential oil while olive oil is carrier oil. If you want you can skip using lemon oil.

  27. Hello, I use Dove lotion cream, is it okay to add some baking soda into it and apply it all over my body and face as usual and how many times do you think I should apply that?

    1. Hi Rozy, Baking soda mixing with body lotion is not a good idea. It can make your skin sensitive and can cause the rash if used daily. Baking soda scrub or mask is recommended to use only once or twice a week. It is more than enough.

    1. Hi Humenu, Apply baking soda scrub to get rid of dead cells and always apply sunscreen before going out in the sun.

  28. Hi, Mamta – how much does this make?? Seems like a small amount to use for the entire body; but I’m excited to try it. Been hearing a lot about the benefits of baking soda recently.

    1. Hi Vanessa, This quantity is for face only. Please do multiply the quantity if you want to apply it on your body.


    1. Hi Marion, You can use calendula oil or olive oil or safflower oil or jojoba oil instead of coconut oil. Pick anyone. All are great for acne prone skin.

  29. Hi! I want to make this. Do I have to use the lemon essential oil for it to be effective or can I use the burts bees lemon oil?

    1. Hi Celeste, I recommend using lemon essential oil. Burts Bees Body oil is made of Lemon oil, vitamin e oil and almond oil, which means lemon essential oil is not in purest form(mixed with other oils) and can be less effective than pure essential oil.

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