Soothing Face Mask

2 DIY Soothing Face Mask To Help Sunburnt Skin

I love this soothing face mask which not only calms my sun-irritated skin but also provide essential nutrients that my skin requires to be healthy. Many people have sensitive skin and long sun exposure can not only result in dull, dehydrated skin but also remove its luster and shine. The harmful rays of the sun […]

hydrating shea butter and walnut face scrub

Hydrating Shea Butter And Walnut Face Scrub For Dry Skin

There is nothing unfamiliar or startling about shea butter. But – despite its familiarity –Shea butter is used as a hydrating ingredient in any natural skin care range. People suffering from dry skin needs extra care for their skin to get moisturized it and shea butter is one of the greatest options to get rid […]

Sugar Lip Scrub

DIY Exfoliating Sugar Lip Scrub For Dry Lips

Soft, supple lips are what everybody wants and it feels great and looks beautiful. However, lips can be sensitive and get damaged easily. Dry or flaky or dark lips can make or break your look. They’re seemingly obvious and can’t be concealed, no matter how hard you try. Sometimes, though, dry lips are unavoidable. They […]