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Yes, You Can Overcome Hair Nightmares Through Essential Oils

Get Healthy Scalp

Moisturized Hair

Problem Free Hair

Boosted Hair Growth

No Coarse And Dry Hair

Hair You Can Manage

Simple Hair Care Routine

Less Hair Breakage

Smooth Hair Texture

Shiny And Hydrated Hair Locks

Works For Every Type Of Hair

Regain Your Confidence

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Here’s What You Will Get

Everything you need to get rid of your hair problems


Main Guide

Main guide ebook will give you deeper knowledge about how to apply the powers of essential oil, carrier oils, herbs, and other effective kitchen ingredients to revitalize your hair and get your hair problem solved. You will learn,

  • Best essential oils and carrier oils for hair
  • Top effective kitchen ingredients to apply as a mask
  • Precautions and usage direction relating to essential oils and carrier oils
  • How to buy pure essential oils
  • and a lot more



Hair Care Essential Oil Recipes

You will find 35+ recipes made with essential oils and other powerful natural ingredients which solves almost every hair problem. It covers recipes for,

  • Hair mask for hair growth and deep conditioner
  • Hair mask for hair thinning
  • Hair massage oil for hair growth and hair fall
  • Leave-in hair serum and cream for dry, frizzy and damaged hair
  • Hair mask and hair oil massage for dandruff and hair loss
  • Hair mask to treat pre-mature grey hairs
  • Hair growth stimulating detangler
  • And a lot more…

Hair Care Guide

Hair care without a proper routine is a myth. Healthy hair is the consequence of proper hair care routine with natural remedies. In this guide, you will learn,

  • How to care different types of hair like oily, dry, damaged, frizzy, color-treated, normal hair.
  • Choosing the right organic or natural shampoo and conditioner
  • Things you should avoid in your daily hair care routine.
  • And a lot more…



Nutritional Guide

No amount of styling products, shampoo, natural remedies or haircuts have a real effect on hair growth if you don’t have a healthy body. This means eating right and taking in the right nutrients. In this guide, you will learn,

  • Essential Nutrients To Improve Your Hair
  • Food and vegetables you should be including in your diet for healthy hair
  • 5 smoothies recipes which will provide you daily requirements of nutrients for healthy hair. 

Order Now And Get These Bonuses!


Hair Loss Due To Hormone Imbalance and How To Fix It 

($17 Value)

  • Know the real cause of hair loss – hormone imbalance.
  • Hair loss due to hormone imbalance in female.
  • Hair loss due to thyroid problem.
  • How to fix hormone imbalance with essential oils and natural remedies to reverse hair problem.

How Diffusing Essential Oil Improves Hair Health

($15 Value)

  • 25+ essential oil diffuser blends that improve hair health
  • Diffuser blends for stress, anxiety, sleepness, clear mind,
  • Diffuser blends for hormone imbalance and a lot more factors which trigger hair loss.

Hair Care Guide Printables

($15 Value)

You will get,

  • Your daily hair care planner printables.
  • A checklist to follow healthy hair care routine
  • Printables for the right sequence of hair care steps.

Just print the printables and stick them somewhere where you can follow it daily!


Labels and Tags Printables For Your Essential Oil Recipes

($10 Value)

Free labels and tags for essential oil recipes or any DIY recipes. Just print it and use it.

Shopping Glossary

You will get,

  • My curated list of Organic and natural oils and products from trusted brands.
  • My recommended natural and organic hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment, etc.

Got Questions? We have Answers!

1. What is Essential Oil Hair Care Bible?

Essential Oil Hair Care Bible is designed to solve the hair problems using essential oils and effective natural ingredients. The ebook will give the required knowledge of best essential oils for hair problems and how to include them in your hair care routine. You will get a list of recipes made from essential oils to target your hair problems. You will also get a hair care guide and a nutritional guide as well. 

2. Do I have to pay for every update of the book?

You will just have to pay a one-time purchase fee to get all the ebooks in the package. After which you will be getting all the updates and freebies absolutely free of cost!

3. Is there a guarantee?

Yes, Essential Oil Hair Care Bible is guaranteed to work on your hair problems if the hair care products, hair care routine and recipes are followed consistently. However, if you have any medical issue, then I am not sure if this will work for you. But there is nothing bad in trying with doctor consultation.

4. If I have questions after buying this ebook, what can I do?

If you have any questions after buying this ebook or you are facing any problems with purchasing this ebook, then you can email me at [email protected] with your problem. I will help you within 24 hours of receiving your email.

5. Are there a hair care guide and recipes to solve my hair problems?

Yes, there is a Hair Care Guide and Essential Oil Hair Care Recipes included in the ebook package to target your hair problems.

6. What type of people is this ebook helpful for?

Essential Oil Hair Care Bible will work on people of every age and gender because natural ingredients can do wonder at any age.  But we have made this for people of age above 18 years.

7. Do I have to buy natural hair care products, oils, and ingredients?

Yes, you will have to buy natural care products, oils and ingredients to make the recipes. If you already have them with you then you don’t need to buy them again.

8. Can I try these recipes if I am a vegan or vegetarian?

Yes, you can try these recipes as there are multiple hair recipes for each hair problem. You can choose any one that suits your requirement.

9. Can I try these recipes if I am pregnant, nursing or breastfeeding?

I would suggest seeking advice from a dermatologist or a doctor before using any essential oil hair care recipe for your own safety and your child.

10. Will my hair problems come back again?

Essential Oil Hair Care Bible does work on your hair problems but this requires patience because it’s purely natural and organic. You will have to keep using the recipes and follow hair care guide regularly so that the problem does not come back.

11. Can men use this ebook?

Yes absolutely! Men suffer from almost the same type of hair problems that women do. So the hair care routines and recipes will work on men as well.

12. Why is Essential Oil Hair Care Bible not available for a hardcover?

Essential Oil Hair Care Bible contains a total of 4 books and also freebies. Providing a hardcover for these would make it very expensive. I wanted all my loyal followers to have access to these in cheap, hence I decided to provide a downloadable PDF instead.

13. Is my credit card, debit card or internet banking secure?

Credit card security is extremely important to us. That’s why we’ve partnered with Paypal and Gumroad to handle the billing and provide a secure socket layer, 128-bit encryption. Feel comfortable knowing that your transaction is 100% completely protected from fraud.

14. How do I get started with Essential Oil Hair Care Bible?

Just click the big bright orange button below and you’ll get the product instantly. You can make a payment via Paypal, Credit Card or Debit Card and the whole package will be in your hands in less than 2 minutes after payment.