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Hi!  I’m Mamta – An advocate of nature’s gifts to humanity, DIY practitioner,  A budding photographer.

Welcome to my blog!

I live in Bangalore, India. Throughout my life journey, I have faced multiple challenges which have made me stronger day by day. These challenges have taught me a lot about how to live life to the fullest even though you know it’s not as simple as it seems to be in future.

Born in India which is a home of almost all natural remedies and practices like Yoga, I have been blessed to get in touch with these natural remedies very early in my life. It’s been quite a long I have been familiar with these natural remedies and started using them on myself and also my family. Within past years I have gained the knowledge of what works and what not. Since then I have always tried to go ahead with natural products, natural home remedies and also some of the best commercial products which work best on my skin and hair.

I have been recommending and reading about these natural and commercial products for years. A lot of my friends have approached me asking for solutions related to beauty and I just told them over the top of my head what have worked for me. Then I thought why not write everything that I have learned over the years which will help my friends as now they won’t be asking me over a talk or over the phone instead they can just read about it. 🙂 Then came alluringsoul.

If you are also a lover of nature and believe in its power then you are at the right place. The main purpose of the blog is to help you find the mix of best products which either you can make at your home or can buy, which is sure to work but WITHOUT AFFECTING your natural skin or hair.

I have been doing DIYing my own products for over 3 years. Do you even know that most of your products in the kitchen can be used to give you a flawless skin and hair? Yes, this is what I have been doing for years, mixing them together and feeling blessed with nature’s gift.

The beauty industry has become more commercial day by day. Now the companies are just trying to make quick bucks. Although in this crowded market of commercial harmful products, there are some great products as well. I always review or recommend only those products which I have used before and have worked wonder on me. I try to do an exhaustive research before recommending any product. 🙂

A little about me, I am also called Mamu, Momu. 🙂 I got these names from my best friends. And you bet they also try my recipes and recommendations. 🙂

And did I tell you, I try to take all the blog pics myself? Well, not a photographer but trying to. Do let me know what you think about the pics in the posts, what I am doing right and what is wrong.

I will continue the work of finding more about the gift of nature and keep doing product reviews as well. I will try to cover almost all concerns related to skin and hair, but just in case if I miss something, do let me know in the comments section below.

Join me in this quest !!

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– With lots of love