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How To Start A WordPress Blog

Hi, Today you will learn about how to create a WordPress blog on Bluehost in simple and easy steps.

Blogging is great. It has transformed my life for greatly. It helped me earn thousands of dollars doing what I enjoy and love the most.

And starting a money making blog is very cheap too. You can start a blog with just a few dollars per month!. Bluehost is the cheapest and the best place to start your blogging journey. You can start a blog as low as $3.95 per month. And with Bluehost, you get a free domain name as well. I am not sure for how long this discounted price will offer will run, so make a quick decision. I have been using Bluehost personally and have a great experience with them.

Click here to can register for Bluehost now and then follow this step by step tutorial to setup your blog.

Why Bluehost?

I am sure you want to start your blogging journey without spending a lot of money. Bluehost is the best option for you. Bluehost is the best hosting provider for blogs around the world. I have a great experience with Bluehost. It’s just $3.95 per month and you get a free domain name as well.

Blogging has changed my life a lot. I am motivated and always in a learning mode. Due to blogging, I am able to earn thousands of dollars and also travel around the work. I can travel whenever I want without a fixed schedule.

I think anyone can start blogging. I started my blog around a year ago but I got serious about making money out of it after 6 months. Since then I have been making thousands of dollars in blogging income which have paid all my bills including the hosting charges. You can do the same as well.

Bluehost is the best company for starting your blog with. They are the best in this industry because of the level of customer support they have. Bloggers around the world have been using Bluehost for years and have relied on it. Start a blog on Bluehost with just $3.95 per month. Also, make sure you signup for their 12 months or longer package as it’s affordable and you will get a free domain name as well! It’s a total win for you. I recommend you to go ahead with their 12 months plan as it saves you a lot of money. If you want to save more money per month then you can go with their 36 months plan. Rates per month will be a lot cheaper then.

Never start with bloggers or Blogspot blogs

You should NEVER start your blog with bloggers or Blogspot. It’s never a good idea to start that.

If you are looking for making money from your blog,  freelancing or building a business using a blog, then you need to have a hosted blog. Bluehost is the best option and it comes with a free domain name as well. Having your blog on Bluehost will help you have your own business, run advertisements, run affiliate marketing or sell your own products online. It gives you the credibility of being a legit and professional online business. Most of the advertisers and brands run away from bloggers or Blogspot blogs as they don’t seem professional. So you should always go with Bluehost.

There are so many pros of using Bluehost.

  1. Bluehost is the most renowned hosting provider for bloggers around the world.
  2. It’s ease of use. Bluehost has the simplest and easy to use tool for creating an online blogging business.
  3. Their support is great. You can reach them 24×7 and they will be more than happy to help. They understand the pain points of running a blogging business.
  4. They are very cheap and affordable. You can get a month of hosting for as cheap as $3.95 per month.
  5. You also get a free blog domain name.
  6. WordPress is free on Bluehost.
  7. You can always reach out to them anytime during your blogging journey right from the time you setup your blog. They are quick to reply.
  8. Your blog looks professional to advertisers,  brands and also most importantly to your readers.
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Once you signup with Bluehost and create an account there you will be all set to setup your first blog. If you face any issues send me a mail with the issue you are facing. I will surely reply to it and will help. Nothing to be afraid of.

Click here to start the process.

How to start a blog

1. Register your domain name

Click on this click and follow the easy steps below.

Domain name is nothing but the name of your blog. This is your blog identity. Choosing a good domain name is important. Try to choose something which is small and easy to remember. I have seen bloggers selecting blog name which seems like tongue twisters. Please do not do that.

Once you have thought the domain name you would like (your blog name basically !!) you can continue.

You can get your domain name free from Bluehost which means you are avoiding all the hassles which come with linking your already purchased domain name with Bluehost and at the same time its free too.

You will get a free domain name if you buy 12 months of web hosting. This is a great deal as you are getting a web hosting + domain name at the price of just web hosting which is reduced as you are buying it for 12 months. This is a complete win for you. If you want an even better deal, then buy 36 months web hosting. Here also you will get a free domain name and the price will be much cheaper now. Basically the longer you buy for the cheaper monthly rates gets.

2. Buying hosting for your blog

Buying a web hosting from Bluehost is extremely easy and cost effective as well.

Let’s see what you will get with Bluehost and what are the charges.

  1. Choose the Basic plan. This is for bloggers who are just starting out. Don’t worry you can always upgrade later to Plus or Business Pro once your blog grows. Everything is very simple with Bluehost. It’s just $3.95 per month if you choose 36 months plan, $4.95 per month if you choose 24 months and $5.95 per month if you choose 12 months plan. $5.95 per month is a great deal as its extremely affordable plus you get a free domain name as well. 12 months plan is best for you if you are unsure about blogging. You will be paying a total of $71.40 a year which is a great price and you still get a domain name. If you are in for a long run then buy 36 months plan as you will be just paying $3.95 per month and a free domain which stays with you. This saves you a lot of money. How cool is that!!
  2. Apart from a free domain you also get 5 free email accounts. You must have seen those fancy email accounts like . This is quite valuable as they make you look professional. You get 5 of these free when you are with Bluehost.
  3. Other than these you don’t need to buy anything.
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Reiterating how buying 12 months or 36 months plan will help you in a lot of ways. It saves a lot of money + you get a free domain name + free 5 email account. Also, you save yourself from the hassle of paying from your credit card every month. If your credit card gets expired then you will not be charged for that month which means there is a risk of losing your blog. So I would recommend you to pay for 12 months or 36 months plan. I did this when I started and trust me this has helped me a lot.

Once you are ready to create a blog, follow these steps (Below you will images to guide you through the process)-

  1. Go to Bluehost and click the “Get Started Now” button.
  2. Next click on “Select” button on the Basic Package.
  3. Enter your domain name you registered before or create a new domain name.
  4. Enter your personal details.
  5. Select the plan you want to start with.
  6. Enter your payment details.
  7. Enter your password in the next step. Make sure to choose a secure password which you can remember easily.







3. Connect your domain to Bluehost

You can skip this step if you purchased your domain directly through Bluehost.

If you have purchased your domain name from GoDaddy then follow these steps to link your domain with Bluehost.

Basically, you need to change the nameservers for your domain. (Sounds too techie, don’t worry its very simple !!). GoDaddy states what does that mean and how to change your nameservers here.

Just follow these steps to change your name servers to Bluehost (You can find images below to guide you through the process)-

  1. Login to your GoDaddy account.
  2. You will see the domain you register (Under “My Products”). Click on “DNS” button on the right side of the domain name.
  3. You will go to “DNS Management” page. There you can find the “Nameservers”.  Click on “Change” button on the right side of “Nameservers”.
  4. Choose “Custom” from the “Choose your new nameserver type” drop-down.
  5. Insert the Bluehost nameservers there. Insert these and in the space provided.
  6. Once done click on “Save” button.




You are done. You have successfully added Bluehost nameservers to your GoDaddy account.

4. Install WordPress on Bluehost

Now we will install WordPress on Bluehost. This is a very simple step all thanks to Bluehost. And remember I said WordPress is free with Bluehost !!. Bluehost is indeed amazing.

  1. Open your cPanel. You must have received a link to cPanel with your login details in your welcome email from Bluehost.
  2. Click on the image which says “One Click Install”.
  3. Then on the next page, click on the WordPress icon located under website builders.
  4. Click on “Start” button. This will start the installation of WordPress on Bluehost for you.
  5. Once you are in the installation process, you will have to select the domain from the drop-down on which you want to run this installation of WordPress.
  6. Now there are some “Advanced Options“. Here you will be setting your WordPress username and password. Make sure NOT to use “Admin” as your username as there are a lot of hackers trying to break into blogs. I have suffered from it in the past. Choose something else. A combination of letters and numbers which you can remember will work. Check “Automatically create a new database for this installation” if you don’t have any database already. (If you are setting up your blog the first time then you would not have the database)
  7. Click “Install Now“.
  8. Always remember to save your username and password. Make sure you keep it somewhere safe as you will be needing this everytime you login to your WordPress blog.
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Phew! That’s it. Now you have a brand new WordPress blog up and running on Bluehost. Now your blogging passion starts. You will be working on designs and writing content for your blog.

If you were confused in between then make sure to write a mail stating your problem and I will love to help you out with it. It’s totally fine to face issues while choosing your plan and finally installing WordPress. No one  gets it right the first time and that is why this post has been written,

After you complete all the steps mentioned above, you will receive an email from Bluehost with your WordPress blog login link, your username, and password. Keep this safe.

Click on the link in the mail. This is a unique link through which you can log in to your blog’s WordPress dashboard and start creating amazing posts.

Small tour of WordPress dashboard

Once you login to your WordPress dashboard, you can see a couple of options on the left-hand side.

  1. You can create new or view your existing posts by clicking on “Posts” on the left-hand side.
  2.  Similarly, you can add new or view your existing pages by clicking on “Pages” on the left-hand side.
  3. To add an image click on “Media“.
  4. To check the comments from your readers click on “Comments“.
  5. Click on “Appearance” and then “Widgets” to control what goes in sidebar or footer of your blog. You can select from options like “Your recent posts“, etc to show in the sidebar.
  6. If you want to send emails and newsletters to your readers I would recommend convertkit. I have recently moved from MailChimp to convertkit as there is a tonne of great things you get from convertkit.
  7. Looking to change your blog design then use Genesis themes. You can also go with free themes. You can change themes by selecting “Appearance” then “Themes“. Once open, click on “Add new” on the top and search for the theme you want to add.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial of how to start a blog using Bluehost. If you have any questions or doubts feel free to email me and I will be more than happy to answer them.

Standard FTC Disclosure: Any/all of the links on this website may contain affiliate links.  However, I only recommend those products which either I have used myself or is recommended to me by someone I know closely. In any case, I do a thorough research of the products I recommend.

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